“As a musician, Gorbach is the complete package. He showed himself to be a master of subtlety and delicacy, as well as the possessor of daunting technique and considerable charisma.”

    ​                                           - Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch ​-


“Brilliant young guitarist Vladimir Gorbach, first-prize winner of the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Concert Artist Competition in 2011, has constructed a programme to showcase the variety and versatility of his instrument.”    ​

                                - Graham Wade, Naxos.com ​- 


"Wonderfully clean technique -- reminds me of how Horowitz played the piano. What a gift to the world of music!"

                                            - Thomas Heck -


"...He literally subdued the audience with his musicality and extreme virtuosity."             

                                         - Quest, France -


"His debut at the Koblenz International Guitar Festival 2008  was an absolute triumph for the music world at large, the highlight of the festival."

                   - Hubert  Käppel -

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Vladimir GORBACH