Piazzolla: Estaciones Porteñas

            1. Primavera Porteña

            2. Verano Porteño

            3. Otono Porteño

            4. Invierno Porteño

​Scarlatti: Sonatas

            5. Sonata in B-flat major, K. 441

            6. Sonata in B minor, K. 87

            7. Sonata in B minor, K. 27

            8. Sonata in G major, K. 431


            9. Rondoletto

Asencio: Collectici Intim

           10. La Serenor

           11. La Joia

           12. La Calma

           13. La Gaubanca

           14. La Frisanca

"Brilliant young guitarist Vladimir Gorbach, first-prize winner of the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Concert Artist Competition in 2011, has constructed a programme to showcase the variety and versatility of his instrument. Piazzolla’s Estaciones porteñas are richly evocative seasonal portraits vested with his indelible sense of verve. Scarlatti’s inexhaustible sonatas are increasingly popular in guitar transcription, the four here showing his originality and dexterity, whilst Giuliani’s Rondoletto is full of dazzling escapades for the guitar. Vicente Asencio’s Collectici íntim is drenched in vibrant Spanish colours and rhythms."

 - David's Review Corner, Naxos.com, July 2012 -



Astor Piazzolla’s snapshots of The Four Seasons introduces Vladimir Gorbach, the young Russian winner of the 2011 Guitar Foundation of America Competition.


Originally for a small chamber group that would have far more access to sound colours than the lone guitar, they are effective pieces beginning in spring and ending in winter. Played in effective transcriptions by Sergio Assad, they are at times of finger-twisting complexity that is easily negotiated by Gorbach’s in his open textured clarity. Unlike Vivaldi’s famous work of the same name, Piazzolla’s winter ends in peace and quiet, an exquisite moment from Gorbach. Far better to experience his technical brilliance in original music, the Rondoletto by Mauro Giuliani so full of happiness as it sends left hand fingers chasing around, though the jewel in the collection comes with Vicente Asencio’s Collectici intim (Intimate Collection). The twentieth century Spanish composer wrote in many genres, but was particularly attracted to the guitar. Its five sections carry titles that are translated to Serenity, Joy, Calm, Delight and Haste, and draw from the instrument some beautiful sounds in music of pure tonality that sit side by side with infectious exhilaration. Not the work’s first outing on Naxos, but always welcome…this is another example of superb guitar recording from Naxos’s Canadian team."

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